Sunday, June 16, 2013

Let there be life!!!

It's true that some people die when they are in their 20’s but they are not buried until they are 75 ! This well may apply to many around us and in fact even us to a great extent. We lose our real identity and turn into machines driven by methods! Yes I am referring to the method that drives us… a typecast living that most people get into … a good job in 20’s, marriage in late 20’s, a house with heavy EMI in early 30’s and a kid to go with it, structured savings, once a month movie outing, weekend grocery shopping, retirement planning, family holiday once a year, son / daughter’s marriage when you are mid 50’s, retirement and a cautious penny wise living there on ! Well the above 5 lines summarizes over 80% of the living pattern of the masses. I am no one to say this is right or wrong but what we do in this process is “we fail to lead a LIFE in search of a LIVING”.

Each one of us have a different quest for life and each one of us dream and demand a lot from life. How many of us do follow those dreams or even part of them? How many have dared to go beyond the ordinary to ensure that their life is FULL OF LIFE ! We lose the perspective that instead of adding years to our lives we need to add life to our years !!! While the need to get a settled job, financial freedom, family care all stand top most priority, what also stands equal in this is not to get lost by the methods and to live life to the fullest! Not to let numbers dictate terms in your life and to define your own destination!  Remember the destination that you reach matters but the journey you go through is what that will determine the quality of your life! Make sure the journey is exciting, engaging and the path is what you choose! It doesn’t matter what you end up as… the king or the pawn… because after the game of chess both the king and the pawn go into the same box! Follow your gut … that’s the biggest investment you will ever make in your life… I followed mine! Each one of us is passionate about something, pursue that in the middle of all this methods… there will be a lot more meaning to our lives!

The rules are different for you and me ! Life is not what you see…
Every heart holds the key; Life is what u actually want to be !

The best things in life are always free!  And the key for it is to always be glee !
Lessons are learnt not in a class of physics or chemistry!  But the real ones that teach are the mistakes done by thee!

One step at a time each day as it comes…A better way to handle life’s journey…
Life becomes easy and so does handling all the bumps…Stress and pains will be lessened and smiles will be many!

Life is not a problem to be solved...Nor is it a battle to be won…
It’s a journey to be evolved…Where each moment has to be fun!

Follow your gut, define your destination…enjoy the rut and make it a celebration!
Don’t curtail your dreams and survive behind your fence…remember you get to live only ONCE!